Term 3

This year’s class opened with a mixed review of effort from the students. It was pretty clear that some students enjoyed the freedom of the acting space more than others. This final term class was special. They were scattered in the beginning, but in the short space of three months, they became a solid, connected troupe. Every single student by the end of the term committed to the class structure, and have seen the benefits of the class in particular rhythm, shape, speed, projection, commitment to character and transforming stage spaces with only the imagination.




Well read student. Veronica has an above average oral ability, and should pursue anything oral – debate or speech. She also has a strong technical understanding of physics, allowing her to pickup on many practices quickly, physical and mental.


Most committed student. Always ready to play in the moment, and this energy drives the participation of her classmates. Of the entire class, her involvement is the most sincere. The abundance of heart energy she possesses is an amazing tool in the actors tool kit – that she can now access – thanks to the classroom experience.


Most improved student of the year. Angelo is at this moment, an accomplished acting student, with a full understanding of stage and presence. He can hold a character, has the highest capacity for memorization in the class and is committed to the moment, in the moment.


Has a natural theater ability about him. When he commits to the character, his energy is amazing to watch. He is not easily motivated though, this is both from having a high capacity for thinking analytically and a need for peer approval. If his team is involved, he is the most involved – this is a great skill to have.


Over time, he has opened up and shown that his ‘class clown’ ability, is really a theatrical affinity – one that he is excellent at. He is an amazing character actor, and should continue to pursue this itch.


Highest technical advantage of the troupe. She is committed to the craft whole heartedly, and understands what is required to motivate her to success.


Chloe is quite capable as an actor, should she choose to commit. Once she does, her rythm, big showmanship and gift for improvisation shines through. She is definitely a team player, always happy to participate.