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BAM Drama Studio is a professional training program that provides students with the skills and techniques necessary to pursue a career in acting. This training prepares students to enter directly into professional careers in stage, film, and television or as students into Theater, Speech, Broadcasting and Communication Departments of Colleges, Universities and conservatories. 

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What can I expect from the Online Campus?

You can expect a wealth of hand crafted knowledge in acting for film and stage, written and spoken lessons with revisions, and experienced instructors monitoring your progress while curating new informative interactions class by class, each semester.

The interface is clean, and easy to understand with guided prompts, audio & video clips, with attached resources accessible from your dashboard. Join an active online community of actors dedicated to keeping the craft sharp.


For the non-actor: The techniques both used and developed within the Poitier Method can help anyone to understand their instrument, body and voice. The end result can bring about confidence in public display, enhanced mental and muscle memory, heightened observation skills, and more.

For the actor: This system will arm you with the tools necessary to improve your acting skill; dive deeper into characterization, stretch your improvization and channel your emotions. Influenced by Stanislovsky, Meisner, Stella Adler, and the Michael Chekhov Techniques.

The Online Campus is designed to supplement our ongoing BAM Dojo, our School Dojo and our Acting Studio program all at once. These lessons are a carefully pieced-together curriculum designed to empower the acting student already familiar with studio etiquette.

For this reason, each online course is a divided into multiple, easy to digest lessons, complete with review segments, quizzes and final examinations. Each course is different, depending on the material. Each student is encouraged to tackle course at their own pace – there is no rush!

Each course may take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to complete.

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