About BAM

BAM is a theatre company first. We teach and coach, acting. BAM is also a cultural strategy company, and has hosted numerous culture conscious events in the Caribbean, most notably our Celebrity Workshops and The Dream Project.


There is a huge percentage of creative young persons in the Bahamas who will now have the opportunity via BAM to see a tangible viability in doing that which they love as a career. Thanks to early exposure to these creative industries, in as soon as 14 months we can look forward to an increased number of film and theatre advocates working within the Bahamas, in addition to an increased number of world-class projects executed on Bahamian soil, assisting in the development of an internationally respected film, television, multimedia and theatre industry here in the Bahamas.



Who we are

The Bahamas Artist Movement operates the BAM Drama Studio; a professional training program that provides students with the skills and techniques necessary to pursue a career in acting and the performing arts industries. This training prepares students to enter directly into professional careers in stage, film, and television or as students at the university level. This program operates yearly, with certificate’s issued to each student upon successful completion of each year signed by the Minister of Education, the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, as well as the Principal founder of BAM.The Drama Studio emphasises career preparation through courses in Acting, Voice and Diction, Theater History and Criticism, Physical Techniques and Dance. This program is the only of it’s kind in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. We prepare students for American, Canadian and European markets as the creative and cultural industries are still developing in the Bahamas.


What we do

We do community!  BAM believes in the power of art and as such we go into communities to address social issues through performance art. At the forefront of our social agenda are the fundamental rights and issues facing women and children locally and globally.

Part of what makes us so special are the opportunities we offer Bahamian residents to participate in performance art at no cost! We find ways for members of the Bahamian community to honor women and children and to be part of a collective voice, a voice that refuses to be ignored. This is done by way of strategic partnerships.

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